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Become an ENVIPLAST® Partner


At ENVIPLAST® we provide a multitude of opportunities for partnerships with local and international companies, interested in entering the bioplastics industry.


Interested companies can start by becoming distributors for biodegradable bags. When there is an increasing market demand for locally made biodegradable bags, local distributors can buy the required machinery from ENVIPLAST®. We will also provide extensive training for the operators and the company can also import ENVIPLAST® bio-based pellets so distributors can produce their own biodegradable bags. Furthermore, we can cooperate in the form of licensing if, in the destination country, the market is large and raw materials can be obtained locally.


By becoming an ENVIPLAST® partner, you become part of an industry that is continuously evolving. As environmental issues come to play an increasing role in economic sustainability and national and international policy, ENVIPLAST products have a central role to play in changing the status quo and reliance on hydrocarbon-based plastic products.