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Message from the President Director

Herman Moeliana

President Director

What we do at ENVIPLAST® is a long-term initiative as we understand that our contributions may not be seen for another 5 to 20 years. As the manufacture of conventional plastics require the use of unsustainable fossil fuels, biodegradable products are just one solution in propelling industrial growth in emerging markets.

With concerns over plastic waste continue to be part of government’s environmental policies, ENVIPLAST® products’ unique characteristics to not form microplastics as well as its ability to be harmlessly consumed by animals sets us apart from our competitors.

We provide opportunities to partners that have access to the relevant raw materials and are looking to produce large quantities of bio-based products. We hope that through this technology, we can help our partners manufacture their own bio-based pellets to produce final products. At ENVIPLAST®, our extensive expertise in entering new markets whilst maintaining high-quality standards makes ENVIPLAST® an essential partner in the industry. The company’s innovative core and technical knowledge are key elements for us to succeed and we encourage plastic manufacturers to collaborate and become partners so as to tackle the new challenges facing the bio-plastic industry as well as expanding the use of bio-based products on a global scale.