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PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia has played in building chemical, masterbatch & polymer compound, and bio polymer industries since 1985. PT Intera Lestari Polimer, formerly under PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia, is a company manufacturing plastic masterbatches and polymer compounds since 1990, which later on in 2011 also produces bioplastic compounds. We have commited to the high quality of management system supported by certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and have implemented the 5S philosophy.

We are still growing in some competitive industries. We serve the industries with high consistency of quality and reliability, therefore we need competent human resources to climb higher together with us. In a development as a growing company, we use balance score card for monitoring the company’s performance and also competency system to maintain our people. There are technical, behavioral, management, and core competencies to be maintain.

We believe our employees as our greatest asset. There are many possibilities of learning and development program to increase the value of our people. The nature of our working environment is bonding and full of harmony. We ensure the work life balance of our people in this company. We welcome all of you whether fresh graduate or professional with years of experiences, there will be opportunities and challenges for you to join us and become the part of PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia.