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Bio-based Products?

What are Bio-based Products?

Bio-based products are derived from plants and other renewable resources and provide an alternative to fossil-fuel derived products.


With the continued advancement of the global biomaterial industry, companies are rapidly developing bio-based products ranging from plastic bags, bottles, household utensils and packaging materials among many others. Many industrialized countries are declaring the bio-based products sector to be a priority area with high potential to impact future reindustrialisation, growth, and social challenges and thus support as well the diversity of a country’s industrial base.

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Raw Materials

Using plant-based raw materials for sustainable natural resources

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Processing into bio-based polymer compound in pellets form

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Processing the pellets into film and bags

Bio-based plastic products are thus beneficial in relation to climate change and depleting fossil fuels. ENVIPLAST®  has successfully developed the processing technologies to commercialise bio-based products from sustainable raw materials.