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Biodegradable Film


ENVIPLAST® pellets are the raw materials used to produce our bio-based film. Our highly-skilled in-house team of technicians coupled with support from our R&D division have developed a biodegradable film that contains unique properties and characteristics that separate us from our competitors.


Our biodegradable film products have many untapped applications that have yet to be developed and we are open to collaborating with partners who are passionate to explore new areas of application that can play a role in reducing harmful plastic consumption globally.


ENVIPLAST® bio-based pellets can be processed using modified film machines and conventional plastic bags. We also provide film and bag production machines for domestic and international companies that are interested in developing organic-based bags made from bio-based pellets.


ENVIPLAST®bags are biodegradable and have passed the Assessment for Acute Oral Toxicity Test; a safety test to demonstrate health hazards when accidentally consumed by animals, by WIL Research Netherlands. ENVIPLAST® film also does not contain PE / PP / PET / PS and does not form microplastics, therefore not endangering the natural food chain.